Treasures of the Sörmland Trail - 5 days
Detailed itinerary

Day 1: In Nyköping
Hiking Nyköping river, section 45 of Sörmlandsleden

Today you arrive to busy Nyköping, a historic city with a vibrant harbour. This afternoon you take the walkway which follows picturesque Nyköping river from the harbour through the town centre and on to open countryside. You pass by many interesting sights along the way including Nyköping's landmark - Nyköpingshus castle, Hållet nature reserve, Slabro rock carvings and bridge after bridge, each with their own story to tell. After crossing open countryside your walk then ends at Oppeby, from where you take the bus back to Nyköping.

This evening take a stroll down through the busy harbour and enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.

o/n Nyköping, hotel
Meals included: Dinner
Hiking distance; 8 km

Day 2: Nyköping Lake Nävsjön Nävekvarn
Hiking Lake Nävsjön loop & section 36 of Sörmlandsleden

This morning your transfer collects you from your hotel and takes you through beautiful Kiladalen region to lake Nävsjön - a popular destination for outdoor activity. Think that when you walk through the Nävsjön nature reserve the pines surrounding you are over 250 years old, with many over 350 years old. If only trees could talk...

Your hike starts with an 8 km loop around the lake, hugging the shores and offering plenty of places to swim and views to admire. After completing the loop you then continue on the Sörmlandsleden towards Nävekvarn. The trail now takes you through calm beautiful forest as you make your way towards the shore of Bråviken.

After the following the shore you start your ascent to Nävekvarn Klint hilltop where you enjoy far-stretching views across Bråviken. Take your time here to enjoy the views before descending into Nävekvarn seaside village, also rich in mining history. Nävekvarn is a true hiker's paradise thanks to the many Sörmlandsleden trails that start and end here in the little village.

o/n Nävekvarn, B&B
Meals included: Breakfast & lunch 
Hiking distance; 17.5 km

Day 3: Nävekvarn → Buskhyttan → Koppartorp → Simonberget → Nävekvarn
Sörmlandsleden loops: Kummelberget, Mining loop, Simonberget, Skäret plus walk to and from Buskhyttan

Today you take the bus from Nävekvarn to Buskhyttan. From Buskhyttan you then walk about 4 km to Koppartorp. Once at Koppartorp there are a selection of loops to fill your day. One loop takes you around the foot of Kummelberget hill, another loop takes you through a former mining district, and the third loop takes you up to Simonberget hill where you can enjoy fantastic views across the countryside.

Once back down from the heights of Simonberget you can wander over to Koppartorp, a district rich in culture and history where you can visit the local folklore museum, church dating back to 1620 and mining museum from the 14th century. A wonderfully preserved piece of history.

The it's a short walk back to Buskhyttan and bus back to Nävekvarn for an afternoon exploring the little island Skäret on Nävekvarn's doorstep.

o/n Nävekvarn, B&B
Meals included: Breakfast & lunch
Hiking distance; 14 km (flexible)

Day 4: Nävekvarn Ålbäck → Nyköping
Hiking sections 37, 38 & 39 of Sörmlandsleden

Today your hike starts directly from Nävekvarn and what a treat you have in store today!

Your route today follows the spectacular Bråviken coast, enjoying coastal scenery from both the water's edge and from hilltops all along the way, with spectacular mile-wide views. This is a beautiful stretch of coastline of which the Sörmlandsleden takes maximum advantage.

Take a break from the trails and enjoy the handful of beaches that you pass along the way.

A transfer meets you at the end of the day's hike and transfers you back to the busy harbour at Nyköping.

o/n Nyköping, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Hiking distance; 18 km

Day 5: In Nyköping
Local hikes available

After a leisurely breakfast it is time for you hiking adventure to come to an end.
If you have extra time today then you can follow the Sörmlandsleden southwards towards Lindbacke-Svanbacke nature reserve and Ryssberget nature reserve, both with beautiful viewpoints over Kiladalen.

Meals: Breakfast