Our hiking trails

All our hikes either follow the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail or established hiking paths within, for example, nature reserves. We have selected the best, conveniently located, stretches that are varied, passing lakes, forest, open countryside and coastal regions.

The Sörmlandsleden is more than 1,000 km long and is the longest lowland hiking trail in Sweden. It winds its way through the length and breadth of Sörmland county taking in the absolute best of its enviable nature; wilderness, sparkling lakes, forests, hilltop views as well as historical monuments. The paths are well maintained and you are lead by the easily spotted orange Sörmlandsleden markers - a familiar sight if you've hiked a number of stretches.

Other regions we explore by foot are the Stockholm archipelago where we follow a mix of established hiking paths and quiet country lanes - some islands only have a handful of cars, and most have none!

The hiking is not considered challenging although it is an undulating landscape with many shorter hills to climb and some stretches may be marshy if there have been recent rains but is within most people's ability. Some of the ground underfoot may be rocky and some scrambling may be required.