Treasures of the Sörmland Trail - 5 day
Brief itinerary

Day 1: In Nyköping
Arrive Nyköping
Walk along Nyköping river to Oppeby

o/n Nyköping, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast & dinner
Hiking distance; 8 km

Day 2: Nyköping → Lake Nävsjön → Nävekvarn
Transfer from Nyköping to lake Nävsjön
Hike around lake Nävsjön and continue hike to Nävekvarn passing Nävekvarn Klint viewpoint.

o/n Nävekvarn, Bed & Breakfast
Meals included: Breakfast 
Hiking distance; 17.5 km

Day 3: Nävekvarn → Koppartorp → Simonberget → Nävekvarn
Bus from Nävekvarn to Buskhyttan
Hike from Buskhyttan to Koppartorp
Hike Simonberget loop, Kummelberget loop and mining loop
Explore the mining village at Koppartorp and Tunaberg church
Hike from Koppartorp to Buskhyttan
Bus from Buskhyttan to Nävekvarn
Walk Skäret loop in Nävekvarn

o/n Nävekvarn, Bed & Breakfast
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; 13 km (flexible) 

Day 4: Nävekvarn → Ålbäck → Tuna Kyrkby
Hike from Nävekvarn along the coast from Lilla Uttervik to Ålbäck passing beaches and viewpoints.
Transfer from Ålbäck to Tuna Kyrkby

o/n Tuna Kyrkby, Bed & Breakfast
Meals included: Breakfast & dinner 
Hiking distance; 18 km

Day 5: Tuna Kyrkby  Nyköping
Local walks in the area:
Options include Tuna folklore museum, Kilaån river, Fadadammen loop
Bus from Tuna Kyrkby to Nyköping

Meals: Breakfast