Travelling with us

When you travel with Nordic Trails we take care of all the details and logistics to ensure you enjoy as comfortable and convenient a trip as possible. Travelling is all about experiencing and enjoying new destinations rather than spending time and energy on planning. Save your energy for the bikes and hikes!

Below are listed the services that are included in our trips as well as some general information and even a simple translation guide, although yes just about all Swedish people speak great English!.

Self-guided tours

We believe that there is more fun to be had from taking part on your own self-guided trip than joining a pre-planned tour group where flexibility is hard come by.

Nordic Trails provide the information, and then you are on your own to experience the adventure for yourself. Self-guided gives you the opportunity to go at your own pace, neither waiting for others or desperately trying to keep up with the front runners. It is your holiday after all.


Nordic Trails activity trips cover a wide range of activities, including cycling, hiking and canoeing. Some trips combine these activities and other trips focus on a single activity, but all trips ensure a combination of natural and cultural experiences.

Sweden is a country known for its vast, undisturbed nature and offers a perfect environment for activity trips. cycling, hiking or canoeing with extensive paths through woods, by lakes and coast plus an interesting collection of manor houses, palaces and castles that can be visited en route.

Cycle through forests, canoe across lakes, kayak through Stockholm´s archipelago or hike cross country. We offer you a chance to get off the beaten track and explore nature at its very best - untouched and pure.


A great variety of accommodation is used in putting together our itineraries. We offer a 'standard' level with accommodation often in charming bed & breakfasts. We also give you the choice to upgrade your accommodation if you feel like spoiling yourself on your holiday. All upgrades are listed with their additional cost. Many of these options are quality guesthouses with plenty of local charm, or stylish 4 star hotels, often with spa facilities.

All accommodation is chosen for its charm and location. City accommodation is centrally located. In the countryside you are ensured peace and tranquillity in a beautiful setting.

Some itineraries also include a night's camping, often backcountry where you are at one with the nature. Camping is the one true way to experience nature and who knows, perhaps even see a moose! 

All camping equipment is supplied, and tents set up for your arrival.

Fitness required

The area surrounding Stockholm is best described as undulating. At first glance it may look deceptively flat but in reality be prepared for ups and downs most of the day. There are however no long, steep climbs but instead many throughout the day. And remember there are just as many downhills as uphills. An undulating countryside makes for more interesting scenery and you are rewarded for your efforts with beautiful hilltop views.

Biking distances average at 30 miles p/day. Routes include a mix of small country lanes and off-road forest dirt tracks. Canoeing distances average at 11 miles p/day. Routes are all on lakes and therefore experience few currents. Hiking distances average at 15-20 km p/day but often you are free to decide how much or little you want to hike. Routes are through forests and fields or along lake shores.

Airport guide

For more information about Arlanda, Skavsta & Västerås airports plus tips on airport transfers, please download the file below... 

Baggage transfer

Although you are in charge of your own individual trips, you do not have to worry about your luggage. Nordic Trails transfer your luggage each day between accommodation so you do not need to weigh yourself down with heavy bags.

In addition to the luggage transfer service, Nordic Trails also ensures transfers of all bicycles, kayaks or canoes where necessary. 

Sweden remains one of Europe's best kept secrets. It offers the contrasts between a vast, glorious countryside and bustling, developed cities. The beauty is that both are within your reach from the moment you arrive.

Cities are contemporary and vibrant, and offer a wealth of unusual sights and activities to suit all interests. The countryside is vast, and offers great diversity with open meadows, deep forests, glittering lakes and extensive archipelagos. There is no lack of culture and tradition either, with charming, intact villages, imposing castles and fabulous festivals to celebrate all seasons. 

More information on Sweden, Stockholm city, Stockholm archipelago, Sörmland & Swedish weather


Nordic Trails also include meals as detailed in each trip itinerary. This may be picnic lunches so that you can enjoy the lake views or the tranquil forests in your own time. Alternatively, we provide home cooked dinners on camping nights or whenever restaurants are hard come by. Breakfasts are always included.

We know that you have been enjoying the fresh air all day so both quality and quantity are never compromised. We are also happy to provide any requested alcohol* to compliment your evening meal. 

* an additional cost

What's included

Accommodation as detailed per trip
Meals as detailed per trip
Equipment hire; bikes, canoes etc
Camping equipment: tent, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, inner sheet, pillow, cooking equipment, plates etc
Boats & trains as detailed per trip
Detailed briefing 
Luggage transfer service throughout trip
Transfers of cycles, canoes etc
24-hour emergency support
Nordic Trails Travel Pack including maps, route notes etc