Our paddling trails

Self-guided canoeing holidays through the Stockholm lakelands.

Our canoeing trips take advantage of the endless amounts of water Sweden has to offer. Island archipelagos and countless lakes make Stockholm and its surroundings a haven for those longing to take to the water.

Our tours take place in both Stockholm's remarkable archipelago; a seemingly endless archipelago of 24,000 glorious islands lying right on Stockholm's doorstep. Stretching some 80 km east of Stockholm deep into the Baltic waters, it formed during the last Ice Age and is today considered to be one of the world's natural wonders.

The archipelago tour makes use of sea kayaks, designed for these waters and allow you the chance to admire the archipelago from its best vantage point - the sea.

Alternatively, visit the county of Sörmland where we take you to the locally treasured Viking waterway from Mariefred to Trosa, passing the dramatic landscape of the Marviken lakes, the long slender Klämmingen lake, and finally the mighty lake Sillen before following the gently flowing river all the way to Trosa.

Or why not get back to basics and take a tour on the remote Båven lake system to appreciate its natural wilderness environment. Days can be spent exploring its many arms and islands by canoe.

Whichever tour you choose, enjoy the silence and tranquility of a hidden lake, a silence broken only by the gentle splash as your oar meets the calm, clean waters.

6 night/7 day canoeing trip including:
canoeing, steamboat


Islands of the Baltic

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1 night/2 day canoeing trip including:
canoeing, camping


Sörmland's hidden treasure

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