Wild Canoe Hike Camp

A canoeing, hiking and camping adventure through Sweden's southernmost wilderness. 

Gently paddle through the picture-perfect Marviken lake system and elegant lake Klämmingen. This long line of narrow lakes were used by the Vikings as they travelled between their capital on Birka and the Baltic sea. Today it is your turn to make this beautiful journey.

Follow the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail as it winds its way through troll-like virgin forest trails lined with ancient trees and lush green and white mosses. Climb up the cliffs that line the lake shores and enjoy beautiful views across lakes and forest as far as the eye can see. 

Appreciate the calm and beauty of the mighty forest that surrounds you. 


Day 1: Läggesta → Åkers Styckebruk → Marviken lakesLake Klämmingen

Transfer from Läggesta to Åkers Styckebruk
Canoe from Åkers Styckebruk to Lake Klämmingen camp passing four Marviken lakes, Marviken & Klämmingen viewpoints and Lake Klämmingen

Once at Åkers Styckebruk you are met and provided with your canoes. After your canoe introduction, the route takes you through remarkable scenery as you paddle gently down the chain of Marviken lakes to Laxne. The area has its own unique character because of its geological history - the mountain split in two and as a result Lake Marviken is today bordered by 50 metre high cliffs.

Take a break from the canoe and hike a short way on the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail into the forest and up on the cliffs above the lakes. Here you can enjoy your picnic lunch looking out over the beautiful forest and lakes.

After lunch, you get back into your canoes and continue paddling as the lake widens into the beautiful Lake Klämmingen. Take advantage of the clean, fresh water as you stop at one of the small beaches lining the lakeshore. And enjoy the quiet and calm as you gently paddle down the middle of the lake, listening only to the birds and softly lapping waves. A short while after entering Lake Klämmingen you will find your camp set up for a peaceful night among the wildlife.

Before dinner you may also decide to visit another viewpoint perched on the cliff top with spectacular views over lake Klämmingen.

Accommodation: Lake Klämmingen, camping
Meals: Dinner
Paddling distance: 13 km
Lifts: 4 (40 m, 50 m, 20 m & 300 m)

Day 2: Lake Klämmingen → Fräkenberget → Kattnäs church → Gnesta

Hike from Lake Klämmingen camp ground to Gnesta passing Fräkenberget view tower, Axsjön lake, Klämmingen viewpoint, Klämmingbergsbadet beach, Södertuna manor and Kattnäs & Frustuna churches

Once you have finished your breakfast, you say farewell to your tent and set off into a wilderness of forest and hidden lakes. Following the orange markings of the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail you pass by Stora Kvarnsjön lake as you make your way to Fräkenberget hilltop with view tower. Don't miss the chance to climb up Fräkenberget view tower, enjoying Gnesta's highest point. And you will be rewarded with amazing views of forest as far as the eye can see!

Continue following the orange markers passing lake after lake as you make your way through this remote, roadless environment. Detour to one final viewpoint, with spectacular views across lake Klämmingen, stretching into the distance. Enjoy the peace and calm for one last time!

You now head down to the lake and pass by the Klämmingen beach area where you may well be tempted to take a dip before continuing your hike passing Kattnäs & Frustuna churches and Södertuna manor, to Gnesta where there is commuter train, train and bus available for your onward journey.

Meals: Breakfast & lunch
Hiking Distance: 21 km


Campsite located by the lake Klämmingen's shore. Small, basic site with room for only a few tents. Dry toilets available, but please note no shower or water. Nordic trails provide drinking water. Very quiet, pretty location with nature on your doorstep. 


The canoe route follows calm lakes without whitewater or currents. The Marviken lakes are very narrow and sheltered, lake Klämmingen is a little wider and therefore can catch more wind. The wind, if against you, can make the journey more challenging. In still weather the journey is considered an easy level.
Waterproof shoes recommended as it does get wet in the canoe as well as when you get in and out of the canoe.

The hike follows mostly forest trails. Undulating terrain throughout with some steep climbs up to viewpoints.
Good hiking shoes recommended.


This trip is available in May, June, September & October on Saturday & Sunday.
This trip is available in June, July & August on Thursday. 


SEK 2,075 per person
SEK 1,350 per child* (2 children travelling with 2 adults)
SEK 1,225 per child** (1 child travelling with 2 adults)
* the family will have 2 tents
** the child shares the tent with the parents. If the child prefers to have their own tent it will cost an extra SEK 250.

Price Includes

Route notes and maps (2 days) 

Transfer Läggesta/Åkers Styckebruk (Day 1)

Canoe rental x 1 day

Canoe trolley x 1 (for 300m lift in Laxne)
Canoe transfer from Lake Klämmingen camp (Day 1) 

Full camping & cooking equipment* 
BBQ dinner at campsite (Day 1)
Breakfast (Day 2)
Picnic lunch (day 2)

Setting up and taking down tent service*

*Good to know about the camping

Nordic Trails provide all camping equipment including tent, sleeping mat, pillows, sleeping bag, inner sheets, and all cooking equipment so you are able to prepare your meal
Dinner on day 1 is prepared and left for you in the tent
Breakfast & lunch for day 2 are also left for you in the tent

Day 1: Nordic Trails set up the tents for your arrival at the small camping area on Lake Klämmingen.
Day 2: Nordic Trails take down your tents and remove all equipment.
You just need to focus on enjoying the camping experience and beautiful scenery.