Hiking and cycling holidays in Stockholm. We help you explore Stockholm's beautiful archipelago!

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Hiking and cykling in Stockholm with Nordic Trails!

Get close to nature with an active cycling & hiking holiday

We offer self-guided cycling and hiking holidays through the Stockholm archipelago and Stockholm countryside.
Nordic Trails operates self-guided trips in Sweden which provide you with all the information required to escape on active breaks to Sweden's scenic, tranquil and unique nature. While hiking in and around Stockholm you are not only able to admire the nature, but you also experience the nature as we take you off the beaten track and into the depth of the countryside on bikes, on foot or on the water. Cycle through forests, paddle across lakes or hike cross country. We offer you a chance to escape everyday life and explore nature at its very best - untouched and pure.

Hiking trip or cycling holiday? Let us create your experience!

Nordic Trails offers you a wide range of active holidays in Sweden, all of which take you on a jorney through beautiful Swedish countryside. The Stockholm archipelago and Sörmland are two perfect destinations for cycling holidays and hiking trips thanks to their natural beauty and proximity to Stockholm city. The scenery around Stockholm is packed with islands, lakes, forests, and countryside, which together guarantee your cycling holiday or hiking trip a truly memorable and varied nature experience.

Allow us at Nordic Trails to organise your next hiking trip in Sweden and enjoy both the Stockholm archipelago's island paradise and Sörmland's picture-perfect countryside. A nature experience at its absolute best!

We help you create unforgettable adventures
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Cycling holiday in Stockholm

Cycling holidays and tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) and the Stockholm archipelago from 2 to 9 days.

Canoeing holidays in Stockholm's scenic waterscape

Canoeing holidays and tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) from 2 to 7 days.

Adventures perfect for just one day

Day trips to Stockholm, Lovö island and Bromma. Bike rental in Bromma (west Stockholm). 

Hiking trips in Sweden's scenic areas

Hiking holidays and tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) and the Stockholm archipelago from 2 to 9 days. 

Family friendly travel packages in Stockholm archipelago

Cycling holidays and activity tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) and the Stockholm archipelago for children of all ages.

Special arrangements for big groups

Day trips for groups and companies with bikes or with canoes including 'forest bath'.

Escape reality with our active trips

Activity holidays and tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) and the Stockholm archipelago including a mix of activities from 2 to 7 days.

Discover short cycling and hiking trips

Short cycling and hiking tours through Stockholm's countryside (Sörmland) and the Stockholm archipelago

Discover the Christmas magic with us!

Christmas trip to Stockholm, the city that loves to celebrate Christmas!

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Welcome to Nordic Trails! We are here to help you discover the beauty of Sweden's nature and create unforgettable cycling and hiking adventures in the Stockholm archipelago and the multifaceted Sörmland. Do you have questions about our cycling or hiking tours, routes, equipment or anything else related to your upcoming adventure? Do not hesitate to contact us. Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Your next adventure awaits. Step into the wonderful world of nature with Nordic Trails!

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