Island Hopping Adventure - summer 9 days
Trip price includes:


Hostel x 2*

Hotel x 6
*Shared facilities 


Breakfast x 8


Hiking x 8 days


Stockholm/Vaxholm (Day 2)

Vaxholm/Gällnö/Sandhamn (Day 3)
Sandhamn/Dalarö (Day 4)
Dalarö/Huvudskär/Dalarö - opt: Fjärdlång (Day 5)
Dalarö/Ornö (Day 6)
Ornö/Utö (Day 7)
Utö/Stockholm - opt: Fjärdlång (Day 8)


Stockholm accomm./Stockholm jetty (Day 2)

Dalarö/Smådalarö (Day 4)
Smådalarö/Gålö/Dalarö (Day 6)
Ornö Kyrka/Ornö Skärgårdshotell (Day 6)
Måne Äng, Ornö/Telegrafberget/Ornö Kyrka (Day 7)
Stockholm central station/Stockholm accomm. (Day 8)

Luggages transfers/storage*

Vaxholm/Sandhamn (Day 3)
Ornö Skärgårdshotell/Ornö Kyrka (Day 6)
Utö jetty/Utö Värdshus (Day 7)
Utö Värdshus/Utö jetty (Day 8)

Information pack

Including detailed trail routes in English, maps, contact numbers Nordic Trails representative
Full trip briefing
24 hr emergency service

*on some occasions your accommodation is located 100-200 metres from the boat jetty. In these cases you take your own luggage from boat/accommodation. This applies to Waxholms Hotell, Seglarhotellet on Sandhamn & Lotsen Hostel in Dalarö.