Baltic Coastal Walk
Detailed itinerary

Day 1: In Stockholm
Optional: Walking Stockholm Ecopark
Optional: Walking 'Söder' region of Stockholm

Today you arrive at Stockholm and you free time to explore the picturesque city of Stockholm. Often referred to as the 'Venice of the North', Stockholm is unquestionably a unique and beautiful city all year round, not only due to its location on 14 islands with its infinite presence of water, but also because of its combination of nature, colourful architecture and ancient history. And you need never walk far to appreciate the impressive views stretching across the Baltic water as it winds past the city walls. Furthermore, stroll through 13th century Gamla Stan, Stockholm's charming old town, where you cannot help but feel its medieval atmosphere as you wander through the cobblestone streets past narrow, colourful houses of yesteryear. There is so much to see in Stockholm, appealing to so many different interests, that you are sure to find something special within walking distance of your hotel.

For those of you keen to start hiking, we can offer you an optional self-guided hiking tour through Stockholm's unique Ecopark - the world's first National Park to be located within a bustling city. The Ekopark is 27 km2 and is a green oasis combining cultural heritage and natural features. Here you can hike through ancient forests, visit palaces and bathe from waterside rocks.

Alternatively concentrate on the vibrant 'Söder' region of Stockholm and walk the many quaint alleys, passing historic housing and churches and a handful of impressive viewpoints across the city.

Accommodation: Stockholm, hotel
Meals: None

Day 2: Stockholm Tyresta National Park Dalarö Smådalarö

This morning you are transfered to Tyresta national park - a protected area with trees dating back over 400 years, sparkling forest lakes and a wealth of wildlife. Deer roam freely throughout the day whilst moose wait their turn as dusk falls. Hike the trails through the endless forests of pine and birch, taking a refreshing dip as you pass by one of the many lakes. Find the perfect spot and enjoy the peace, tranquility and wonderful nature of Stockholm's national park. You then continue on to the idyllic village of Dalarö, your first taste of Stockholm's extensive archipelago. 

Tomorrow you have more time to explore Dalarö's picturesque narrow streets but you might find time to swim from the local sandy beach before taking the bus the short distance to your accommodation for the night at Smådalarö.

Accommodation: Smådalarö Gård
Meals: Breakfast,
Hiking Distance: 18.5 km
Bus: Dalarö
→ Smådalarö 10 mins

Day 3: Smådalarö Dalarö Huvudskär Kymmendö Utö

This morning, you take the local bus back to Dalarö, and enjoy a few hours to explore the village following our self-guided walk through its picturesque narrow streets of colourful wooden houses. Don't miss a walk up to the beautiful viewpoint on Lotsberget with beautiful views across the archipelago. 

Back in the harbour you then catch the small boat and head out amongst the thousands of islands that make up the southern part of Stockholm's archipelago, a seemingly endless archipelago of 24,000 glorious islands lying right on Stockholm's doorstep. Stretching some 80 km east of Stockholm deep into the Baltic waters, it formed during the last Ice Age and is today considered to be one of the world's natural wonders. Your first stop takes you to the exotic island of Huvudskär. Due to its location in the outer reaches of the archipelago you will be one of the few to venture this far. You walk in an untouched environment and enjoy its magical light that captivates artists. The lighthouse still stands and the customs house is today a small hostel. If you're lucky you might spot seals or sea eagles souring in the skies above. Explore all corners of this small island, hugging its shoreline and enjoying the far-reaching views out to sea. Next stop Estonia!

You then island hop to Kymmendö on your way back, where August Strindberg spent many a summer and inspired his novel Hemsöborna. Your last stop today is to the holiday island of Utö where you spend the next three nights.

Accommodation: Utö Värdshus
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 10 km
Boat trips: Dalarö Huvudskär 1 hr; Huvudskär Kymmendö 45 mins; Kymmendö Utö 15 min
Bus: Smådalarö Dalarö 10 mins

Day 4: Utö → Ålö → Utö

Today you enjoy your first day on Utö island to enjoy its bustle and picturesque scenery. Bikes are included so you can cycle the length of the island, crossing over a bridge to the small island of Ålö where your hike takes place today. Cling to its rocky coast as you enjoy non-stop sea views and impressive viewpoints along the way. You also pass its delightful white sand beach plus seaside fish restaurant for a touch of local charm. Then its back on the bikes to Utö's busy village. (Note a taxi is also available instead of bikes and can be arranged on site).

Accommodation: Utö Värdshus
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking: 15 km
Cycling: 22 km

Day 5: Utö → Ornö → Utö

This morning you take the short boat ride over to Ornö for the start of your hike along its western shore. Ornö is the largest island in the southern archipelago and has traditionally been less exploited for tourism than some of its neighbouring islands and remains today an island with a living community yet to be discovered by large scale tourism. Your hike today takes you through the nature reserve, passing forest, open landscape and coastal scenery and beautiful viewpoints along the way, including the very impressive Telegrafberget view tower, the southern archipelago's highest point.

At the end point, you take the local bus back to Ornö Kyrka, Ornö's small village with its picturesque church and local museum.

Time permitting you can also hike Levassastigen heritage trail with information boards explaining the cultural history of the island. You then take the boat back to Utö from Ornö Kyrka.

Accommodation: Utö Värdshus
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking distance 12-14 km
Boat trips: Utö Ornö 50 mins; Ornö Utö 50 mins,
Bus: Lättinge → Ornö Kyrka 10 mins

Day 6: Utö → Saltsjöbaden

This morning, you have the chance to visit Utö village where you can head up to the windmill built in 1791 to enjoy one of Utö's best views. Alternatively, visit the mine museum and learn about the interesting history of this mining community.

You also have time to explore Uto nature reserve on foot along a beautiful coastal trail. As well as wonderful sea views you pass sandy beaches and smooth rocks perfect for sunbathing or enjoying a picnic lunch in the fresh sea air.

You then board the archipelago boat and enjoy a boat trip passing island after island as you journey back to Saltsjöbaden, a stylish suburb of Stockholm.

Accommodation: Saltsjöbaden
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking: 10 km
Optional activities: sea kayaking,
Boat trip: Utö → Saltsjöbaden, 2.5 hrs

Day 7: Saltsjöbaden Stockholm

This morning you can choose to either explore the area neighbouring your hotel, following the seaside walk along the coast and passing many grand villas all with a story to tell, plus the landmark kallhusbad outdoor bathhouse. Alternatively head to Tattby nature reserve and enjoy a longer walk through woodland, passing lakes, to Erstavik beach where you can swim and enjoy beautiful views from the smooth rocks. A wonderful mix of culture and nature awaits you as you explore the area around Saltsjöbaden. Late afternoon you take the boat all the way back to the buzz of Stockholm city.

Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking: 5-11 km
Boat trip: Saltsjöbaden Stockholm, 1.5 hr

Day 8: In Stockholm

See day 1 for more information

Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 4-14 km (flexible & optional)