Island Hopping Adventure - summer 6 days
Brief itinerary

Day 1: In Vaxholm
Arrive Vaxholm
Visit Vaxholm village, Kastellet Fortress & Bogesund naturreserve 

Accommodation: Vaxholm, hotel
Meals: Breakfast

Day 2: Vaxholm → Svartsö
Self-guided walking tour of Vaxön island along winding village streets and coastal paths
Archipelago boat from Vaxholm to Svartsö

Accommodation: Svartsö, hotel
Meals: Breakfast 
Hiking Distance: 10 km


Day 3: Svartsö → Ingmarsö → Finnhamm → Svartsö
Island hop hike using archipelago boats and row boat over Ingmarsö & Finnhamn
Archipelago boat Finnhamn to Svartsö 

Accommodation: Svartsö, hotel

Meals: Breakfast & lunch
Hiking Distance: 12-15 km 

Day 4: Svartsö → Möja → Sandhamn
Walk to Skälvik jetty
Archipelago boat from Svartsö to Möja
Walking on Möja to Berg, Löka, ostrich farm and Stackängen beach
Archipelago boat from Möja to Sandhamn

Accommodation: Sandhamn, hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 8 km 

Day 5: Sandhamn → Stockholm
Hiking around Sandhamn island passing Fläskberget viewpoint, Trouville sandy beaches, Sandhamn village and harbour
Archipelago boat from Sandhamn to Stockholm

Accommodation: Stockholm, hotel
Meals: Breakfast 
Hiking Distance: 8 km

Day 6: In Stockholm
Self-guided walking tour of Söders Heights (southern island in Stockholm) passing churches, historic housing and viewpoints
Sightseeing in Stockholm including Vasa Ship, Skansen open-air museum, Gamla Stan
Opt: walking in Stockholm Ecopark/Djurgården

Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 4-10 km