Island Hopping Adventure - spring/autumn
Brief itinerary

Day 1: In Stockholm
Stockholm for sightseeing: Gamla Stan, Vasa Ship, Skansen open-air museum, ABBA museum.
Optional self-guided walking tour of Djurgården island

Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: None
Hiking distance: optional

Day 2: Stockholm → Dalarö
Self-guided walking tour of Söders Heights (southern island in Stockholm) passing churches, historic housing and viewpoints 
Stockholm for sightseeing: Gamla Stan, Vasa Ship, Skansen open-air museum, ABBA museum.
Late afternoon boat from Stockholm to Dalarö 

Accommodation: Dalarö
Meals: Breakfast
Hiking distance: 4-10 km (flexible)

Day 3: Dalarö → Fjärdlång → Dalarö (alt: Kymmendö)
Boat from Dalarö to Fjärdlång
Hiking on Fjärdlång to Tysta Klint viewpoint
Boat from Fjärdlång to Dalarö
Option: island hop to Kymmendö before/after visit to Fjärdlång

Accommodation: Dalarö
Meals: Breakfast 
Hiking Distance: ca. 10 km (flexible)

Day 4: Dalarö → Ornö → Dalarö
Boat from Dalarö to Hässelmara, Ornö
Hiking on Ornö around Mare Äng & Telegrafberget
Boat from Ornö Kyrka to Dalarö

Accommodation: Dalarö

Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 10-12 km 

Day 5: Dalarö → Gålö → Årsta → Utö
Taxi from Dalarö to Gålö
Hiking on Skälåker, Gålö passing coastal scenery, Havtornsudd and Gålö beach
Taxi from Gålö to Årsta Havsbad
Boat from Årsta Havsbad to Utö

Accommodation: Utö

Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: 11.5 km (flexible)

Day 6: Utö → Årsta → Stockholm*
Walking around northern Utö's nature reserve passing beaches
Visit Gruvbryggan village with mine and museum
Boat from Utö to Årsta Havsbad
Bus/train from Årsta Havsbad to Stockholm

Accommodation: Stockholm

Meals: Breakfast
Hiking Distance: flexible 6-10 km 

*option to spend extra night on Utö on request.

Day 7: In Stockholm
Sightseeing in Stockholm including Vasa Ship, Skansen open-air museum, Gamla Stan
Opt: walking in Stockholm Ecopark/Djurgården

Meals: Breakfast