Archipelago Island Adventure
Brief itinerary

Day 1: In Stockholm
Sightseeing in Stockholm including Vasa Ship, Skansen open-air museum, Gamla Stan

Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: None

Day 2: Stockholm → Tyresö Manor → Tyresta National Park → Dalarö → Smådalarö
Transfer from Stockholm to Tyresö manor 
Cycle from Tyresö to Tyresta National Park
Hiking in Tyresta National Park
Cycle from Tyresta to Smådalarö via Dalarö and Schweizerdalen beach

Accommodation: Smådalarö
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: 32-38 km 
Hiking Distance: Not fixed/Estimated hiking time: 3 hrs

Day 3: Smådalarö → Dalarö → Ornö → Utö
Cycle from Smådalarö Gård to Dalarö
Lunch and free time in Dalarö
Boat from Dalarö to Ornö Hässelmara
Cycling on Ornö island including Mane Äng loop and Telegrafberget viewpoint
Coffee stop at Ornö Museum
Boat from Ornö Kyrka to Utö

Accommodation: Utö
Meals: Breakfast & lunch
Cycling Distance: Not fixed/approx. 30 km
Boat trip: Dalarö → Ornö, 30 mins & Ornö → Utö, 50 mins

Day 4: On Utö
Cycling on Utö from Gruvbryggan to Ålö island including visit to beach & fish restaurant
Return by bike from Ålö to Gruvbryggan, Utö
Opt; hiking, sea kayaking on Utö
Opt: island hop to Nåttarö

Accommodation: Utö
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: Not fixed/Approx. 25 km
Optional Activities: Hiking, sea kayaking

Day 5: Utö → Stockholm
Free morning on Utö to explore further
Hiking/cycling in Utö nature reserve
Boat from Utö to Stockholm

Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: Breakfast
Optional Activities: Hiking, cycling, sea kayaking
Boat trip: Utö → Stockholm, 4 hrs

Day 6: In Stockholm
Sightseeing in Stockholm
Optional self-guided cycle tour around Stockholm's Ekopark;
Royal Djurgården, Kaknäs Tower, Haga Park and Ulriksdal Palace
Trip ends

Meals: Breakfast