Cosy Christmas Markets in Stockholm & Beyond
Brief itinerary

Photo credit: Henrik Trygg/

Day 1: Friday
Arrive Stockholm
Visit Christmas Market at Gamla Stan (The Old Town)
Visit the Ice Bar at Nordic Sea Hotel

Activities: Ice Bar (Vodka drink included)
Accommodation: Stockholm, Hotel

Meals: None

Day 2: Saturday
Visit Skansen open-air museum & Christmas market
Sightseeing and/or shopping in Stockholm, including: Vasa Ship, ABBA museum etc.
Boat trip to and from Vaxholms Kastell for Christmas buffet/Julbord at Vaxholms Kastell

Accommodation: Stockholm, Hotel
Meals: Breakfast & Christmas buffet
Activities: Boat trip to/from Vaxholm Kastell, Skansen Christmas Market
Transport: underground/tram ticket to Skansen

Day 3: Sunday
Day trip using public transport from Stockholm to Sigtuna
Sigtuna historic village and Christmas market
Return Stockholm

Accommodation: Stockholm, Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Transport: return bus/train ticket to Sigtuna
(approx. 1 hr each way)

Day 4: Monday
Last minute shopping or visit one of Stockholm's museums
Trip ends

Accommodation: Stockholm, Hotel
Meals: Breakfast