Wild Canoe Cabin

A canoeing adventure through Sweden's southernmost wilderness. 

Gently paddle through the picture-perfect Marviken lake system and elegant lake Klämmingen. This long line of narrow lakes were used by the Vikings as they travelled between their capital on Birka and the Baltic sea. Today it is your turn to make this beautiful journey.

The lakes wind their way through troll-like virgin forest filled with ancient trees and lush green and white mosses.  Head to shore and hike up the cliffs that line the lakes and enjoy beautiful views across lakes and forest as far as the eye can see. 

Appreciate the calm and beauty of the mighty forest that surrounds you. 



Day 1: Läggesta → Åkers Styckebruk → Marviken lakes → Laxne

Transfer from Läggesta to Åkers Styckebruk
Canoe from Åkers Styckebruk to Laxne passing four Marviken lakes, Marviken naturreservat & viewpoints 

Once at Åkers Styckebruk you are met and provided with your canoes. After your canoe introduction, the route takes you through remarkable scenery as you paddle gently down the chain of Marviken lakes to Laxne. The area has its own unique character because of its geological history - the mountain split in two and as a result Lake Marviken is today bordered by 50 metre high cliffs. 

Take a break from the canoe and hike a short way on the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail into the forest and up on the cliffs above the lakes. Here you can enjoy your picnic lunch looking out over the beautiful forest and lakes.

After lunch, you get back into your canoes and continue paddling on Mellan Marviken all the way to the end of Övre Marviken. Enjoy the quiet and calm as you gently paddle down the middle of the lake, listening only to the birds and softly lapping waves.

At Övre Marviken you take your canoes to lake Klämmingen where you leave your canoe for tomorrow's adventure. You then follow the dirt track about 1 km to your cabin in the woods!

Accommodation: Laxne, cabin
Meals: Dinner
Paddling distance: 10 km
Lifts: 4 (40 m, 50 m, 20 m & 300 m) 

Day 2: Laxne → Lake Klämmingen → Klämmingbergsbadet → Södertuna manor Gnesta 

Canoeing from Laxne to Gnesta passing Klämmingen viewpoint, Klämmingbergsbadet beach, Frösjön & Södertuna manor

Efter frukost säger du farväl av stugan och går den korta vägen till kanoterna vid Klämmingen. 

After breakfast you say farewell to your cabin and walk the short way back to your canoes by Klämmingen lake. You continue your journey by canoe down slender Lake Klämmingen, again stopping at beaches to swim or soak up the summer sun. From Klämmingsbergbadet beach you can pull up your canoes and walk the short way on the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail up to another beautiful viewpoint towering above Lake Klämmingen. A great spot to enjoy your picnic lunch.

Back in the canoes you next stop is impressive Södertuna manor, located on its own island in lake Frösjön. Stop for a coffee and take in the stunning views across Lake Frösjön. 

Soon you reach Gnesta town where you can enjoy a well earned rest before taking the train or bus onwards.

Meals: Breakfast & lunch
Paddling distance: 16 km


The Lodge
This cosy log cabin is from the late 18th century and is located in the deep forest only a short distance from Klämmingen lake. The room has a luxurious 180 cm continental bed and tea and coffee-making facilities. A modern standard shower room is available. Please note that this is not en-suite but will be for your use only. Breakfast, bed linen, towels, bathrobe and slippers are included. Outdoor grill is available for your use.
The lodge is located at 'Gården' at PilgrimsRest wellness center. Sauna and massage can be booked separately.


The canoe route follows calm lakes without whitewater or currents. The Marviken lakes are very narrow and sheltered, lake Klämmingen is a little wider and therefore can catch more wind. The wind, if against you, can make the journey more challenging. In still weather the journey is considered an easy level.

Waterproof shoes recommended as it does get wet in the canoe as well as when you get in and out of the canoe.


This trip is available in May, June, September & October on Saturday & Sunday.
This trip is available in June, July & August on Saturday & Monday.


SEK 2,545 per person

Price Includes

Route notes and maps (2 days) 

Transfer Läggesta/Åkers Styckebruk (Day 1) 

Canoe rental x 2 days 
Canoe trolley x 1
Canoe transfer from Gnesta (day 2)

'The Lodge' cabin x 1 night
Linen, towels, bathrobe & slippers included

BBQ dinner at campsite (Day 1)
Breakfast (Day 2)
Picnic lunch (day 2)