Vaxholm short break

A 2-day cycle tour island hopping through the central Stockholm archipelago to the islands surrounding idyllic Vaxholm.

An archipelago boat trip from Stockholm takes you to Tynningö island boasting grand archipelago houses and sea views round every corner. The coastal road passes the heighest point Tynningö Klack as well as hidden beaches. From Tynningö it's just a short island hop over to Rindö island where impressive Oskar-Fredriksborgs fort protects these vital waterways into Stockholm. Vaxholm is your destination with its lively harbour and picturesque alleys. Another island hop takes you over to Ingmarsö with 
spectacular views at both Östra Lagnö and Ljusterö Huvud.

Enjoy an unforgettable cruise back to Stockholm city winding your way past islands, canals and idyllic waterside summer houses.


Day 1: Stockholm* → Tynningö → Rindö → Vaxholm

Archipelago boat from Stockholm to Tynningö
Cycle around Tynningö passing Tynningö Klack
Boat from Tynningö to Rindö
Cycling on Rindö passing Oskar-Fredrikborgs fort and Rindö Redoubt
Boat from Rindö to Vaxholm 

This morning you take the archipelago boat form Stockholm to Tynningö island, an island boasting grand villas lining its scenic shore. The pretty coastal road takes you around the island and sticking as close to the shore as possible you pass beaches and the impressive viewpoint at Tynningö Klack. Back on the coastal road you wind your way to the north of the island and take the afternoon boat to your next stop, Rindö. 

Rindö is well known for its military establishments including Oskar-Fredriksborg fort and Rindö Redoute, both forts strategically positioned to protect these vital waterways into Stockholm. Explore the island by bike and enjoy a break and refreshments at lively Rindö harbour with its local cheese makers, brewery and waterside restaurant.

A short island hop on the car ferry takes you to the charming village of Vaxholm, often referred to as the gateway to the Stockholm archipelago due to its location right on the edge of this sprawling multitude of islands. Enjoy the atmosphere of this idyllic archipelago village with its busy harbour, colourful wooden villas and views over to the imposing fortress.

*The trip can also start at Nacka Strand & Hasseludden in Nacka, or Gåshaga Brygga on Lidingö

Accommodation: Vaxholm
Cycling Distance: 21-26 km
Boat trip: Stockholm → Tynningö 1 hr & Tynningö → Rindö 15 min, & car ferry Rindö → Waxholm 5 min

Day 2: Vaxholm → Ljusterö → Stockholm*

Boat from Vaxholm to Ljusterö
Cycle on Ljusterö passing Östra Lagnö nature reserve, Lagarsvik and Ljusterö Huvud view point
Boat from Ljusterö to Stockholm

This morning, you and your bikes head back onto the archipelago boats to explore Ljusterö island. Ljusterö is one of the largest islands in the archipelago and offers plenty to discover. Your journey starts with the coastal road along the west coast passing the lively harbour at Linanäs and the scenic fishing village of Laggarsvik. En route you make the short detour to Ljusterö Huvud where you will be treated to mile-wide views of this glorious archipelago.

This afternoon you follow the country lane along the narrow peninsula all the way to distant Östra Lagnö, stretching some 10 kilometres into the outer archipelago. The rocks are typically smoothed by the inland ice dating from the ice age. It is a magical place with wonderful views across the horizon.

After a period of reflection in this beautiful place, it's time to return to the jetty and hop on the boat that takes you on to Svartsö where you can further enjoy the archipelago with a visit to a classic archipelago bistro for dinner before taking the last boat, and sitting back to enjoy a journey passing island after island until you reach lively Stockholm.

*The trip can also end at Nacka Strand & Hasseludden in Nacka, or Gåshaga Brygga on Lidingö

Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: Not fixed/approx. 25-51 km
Boat trip: Vaxholm → Ljusterö 1 hr & & Ljusterö → Svartsö Stockholm, 2 tim 40 min 

Accommodation in Vaxholm

Waxholms Hotel
Waxholms Hotell is a boutique hotel located right next to the harbour in Vaxholm - the heart of the Stockholm archipelago. It's convenient location, a stone's throw from the archipelago boats, enjoys beautiful views over the water to Vaxholm fortress.
The standard price is for rooms facing the courtyard or on the 3rd floor.
Enquire for prices and availability of upgrade rooms.


The first cycle day is a more gentle cycle around Tynningö and Rindö islands with just over 20 km on undulating terrain on a mix of dirt track and tarmac. The second day on Ljusterö is a longer cycle day with up to 51 km on dirt track, country lanes as well as the more substantial Ljusterövägen main road through the island (approx. 6 km).

Note that you do not have the whole day to complete the cycles. On day 1 the archipelago boat leaves you at Tynningö at approx 11.00. On day 2 you have approx. 5-6 hrs to complete the cycle tour - the distance is between 25 & 51 km. The cycle route is easy with gently undulating terrain.


Timetables for 2023 to be confirmed but are expected to be as follows:

Spring: 17 May - 14 June
This trip is available Fridays

Summer: 24 June - 16 August
This trip is available every day except Saturdays

Autumn: 24 August - 14 September
This trip is available on Saturdays only

Price 2024

SEK 1,985 per person 
SEK 2,830 per person (Saturdays, includes 3-course dinner)

Price Includes

Waxholm hotel x 1 night 
Detailed route notes and maps & GPX tracks (2 days)
Archipelago boat Stockholm/Tynningö/Rindö (Day 1)
3-course dinner x 1 (only Saturdays)
Breakfast x 1 
Archipelago boat Vaxholm/Ljusterö/Stockholm (Day 2)

Optional extras

Bike rental
Mountain bikes and hybrid bikes are suitable for this trip - see our bike rental for prices
20% reduction on all our bikes if rented for our tours