Baltic Coastal Walk
Detailed itinerary

Day 1: In Stockholm
Optional: Walking Stockholm Ecopark
Optional: Walking 'Söder' region of Stockholm

Today you arrive at Stockholm and you free time to explore the picturesque city of Stockholm. Often referred to as the 'Venice of the North', Stockholm is unquestionably a unique and beautiful city all year round, not only due to its location on 14 islands with its infinite presence of water, but also because of its combination of nature, colourful architecture and ancient history. And you need never walk far to appreciate the impressive views stretching across the Baltic water as it winds past the city walls. Furthermore, stroll through 13th century Gamla Stan, Stockholm's charming old town, where you cannot help but feel its medieval atmosphere as you wander through the cobblestone streets past narrow, colourful houses of yesteryear. There is so much to see in Stockholm, appealing to so many different interests, that you are sure to find something special within walking distance of your hotel.

For those of you keen to start hiking, we can offer you an optional self-guided hiking tour through Stockholm's unique Ecopark - the world's first National Park to be located within a bustling city. The Ekopark is 27 km2 and is a green oasis combining cultural heritage and natural features. Here you can hike through ancient forests, visit palaces and bathe from waterside rocks.

Alternatively concentrate on the vibrant 'Söder' region of Stockholm and walk the many quaint alleys, passing historic housing and churches and a handful of impressive viewpoints across the city.

Accommodation: Stockholm, hotel
Meals: None

Day 2: Stockholm → Tullgarn Palace → Trosa
Hiking Tullgarn Palace Trosa

The next morning, you start with a transfer from Stockholm south to the county of Sörmland and the impressive Tullgarn Palace, an 18th century royal palace located on the seashore with magnificent views of the Baltic waters. Guided tours available and café/restaurant. After your visit, you hike southwards enjoying the coastal scenery of the hiking path. The hike follows the Sörmlandsleden which winds its way for over 100o km through the Sörmland county passing true wilderness, glittering lakes, areas of cultural tradition and historic monuments. You pass by wonderful viewpoints and Kömote beach where you can take a quick swim in the sea before you continue your journey on to the seaside town of Trosa. Trosa is a charming 17th century town called 'the World's End' because it of its location on the banks of the Baltic Sea with endless views of the ocean all around. The little square, surrounded by old wooden houses, marks the centre of town and the walkway along the canal as it winds its way to the ocean is not to be missed.

Note there is an option to shorten the hike.

Accommodation: Trosa, Bed & Breakfast
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; Tullgarn Trosa 15-20 km 

Day 3: Trosa → Stendörren → Sävö → Nynäs Manor → Trosa
Hiking Stendörren & Sävö

This morning, a transfer is arranged for you from Trosa to Stendörren nature reserve, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful archipelagos in Sweden because of its distinct feeling of peace and tranquillity in an unspoilt nature. Here you have the rest of the morning to hike across the many islands using their intriguing system of suspension bridges, visit the viewpoint and Naturum information centre, or swim in the clean, refreshing Baltic waters. You are then collected by boat from Stendörren and taken the short way to Sävö island nature reserve in the beautiful Sörmland archipelago. Here you pick up the Sörmlandsleden hiking trail which leads you around the island. 

After your island hike, you are then collected again by boat and taken back to the mainland where you once again pick up the Sörmlandsleden trail and follow it as far as the picturesque Nynäs slott passing Sandvik beach en route. After a wander around the manor grounds and a cup of well-deserved tea, you are collected and transferred back to Trosa.

Accommodation: Trosa, Bed & Breakfast
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; Stendörren Sävö Nynäs manor 14-18.5 km
Boats included: Stendörren Sävö 15 mins; Sävö Mättinge 15 mins

Day 4: Trosa → Nynäshamn
Optional: walk Strandvägen, Nynäshamn

Today you have a free day in Trosa to visit the village, harbour, church and museum. If you feel like stretching your legs before boarding the boat then there is a short walk available through the village and along the river.

You then board the boat for your journey from Sörmland to Nynäshamn, located in the southern part of the Stockholm archipelago. Once at your accommodation, you can choose to take an evening walk enjoying the long daylight hours along Nynäshamn's best kept secret, 'Strandvägen' - a small winding road following the coast. Here you enjoy stunning views across the cliffs over the open horizon. The route was created in connection with the Olympic sailing events held here in 1912, and shows off the Stockholm archipelago at its very best. Your accommodation tonight is along Strandvägen with its exceptional location by the water's edge. 

Accommodation: Nynäshamn, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; no fixed distance
Boats included: Trosa Nynäshamn 3 hr

Day 5: Nynäshamn → Lövhagen/Häringe → Nynäshamn
Option 1: hiking Strandvägen and Lövhagen
Option 2: Hiking at Häringe nature reserve

This morning you have two choices, either you can walk direct from your hotel along beautiful Strandvägen into Lövhagen recreation area which offers many hiking trails, swimming opportunities and great sea views. All within easy reach of your hotel and flexible so that you can find time to enjoy the hotel spa.

Alternatively head with public transport to Häringe nature reserve which is located on a coastal peninsula. It is a region of manor houses, giant oaks, broad-leaved woods, coniferous forest and saltwater bays. The birdlife is rich, and white-tailed eagles are common.

At Häringe, visitors are greeted by Häringe manor from 1657, although the present exterior is a product of the 1770s. Both Gustav Vasa and Gustav II Adolf are former owners of the estate. The oval room in the sea wing was furnished for Greta Garbo, a regular guest to the manor.

Accommodation: Nynäshamn, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; flexible 11.5-15.5 km
Bus/train included: Nynäshamn Häringe & return (40 mins each way)

Day 6: Nynäshamn Nåttarö Ålö Utö
Hiking Nåttarö & Ålö

This morning, you take the boat from Nynäshamn out into the archipelago to your first stop at Nåttarö island. Nåttarö is one of the archipelago's sandiest islands and here you can enjoy many sandy beaches as well as views across the islands from Bötsudden viewpoint.

You then hop back on the boat and continue to Ålö island, where you again explore the beautiful scenery of this peaceful island plus have the chance to visit its wonderful fish restaurant offering local delicacies.

You are then transferred from Ålö over the small bridge to Utö island and then all the way onto Utö's main village, Gruvbyn.

Gruvbyn, the iron mine was worked as early as the 1100s and today both the mine and the museum are open to visitors. The village buzzes with life in the summer months and has shops selling interesting local products and a good selection of restaurants and cafes. It is however always easy to find your own quiet, calm spot if you head out of the village and explore the rest of the island.

Accommodation: Utö, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; Nåttarö & Ålö 13.5 km
Boats included: Nynäshamn Nåttarö 20 min & Nåttarö Ålö 30 min

Day 7: Utö Fjärdlång Stockholm
Hiking Utö & Tysta Klint, Fjärdlång

After a free morning spent on Utö to explore the northern end of the island by foot, you can then island hop over to neighbouring Fjärdlång island. Despite being on the edge of bustling Stockholm, Fjärdlång could not be more remote and the whole island has been deservedly declared a nature reserve. Marked footpaths wind their way through the island's woodland so you can spend the day hiking around the island. Don't miss a trip to the island's highest point, Tysta Klint, where you can admire the spectacular views stretching across the archipelago. You then board the boat for the impressive journey back to Stockholm. Watch as the archipelago changes from the remote islands of the outer stretches to the more inhabited regions as you near town, with the homes of the rich and famous lining the water front. The boat takes you right to the centre of Stockholm, from where you are transferred the short distance to your hotel.

Accommodation: Stockholm, hotel
Meals included: Breakfast
Hiking distance; Utö/Fjärdlång 10 km
Boats included: Utö Fjärdlång 30 mins; Fjärdlång Stockholm 3¼ hr

Day 8: In Stockholm

See day 1 for sightseeing and hiking options in Stockholm

Meals: Breakfast