Four Corners of Sörmland
Price includes

Your Four Corners of Sörmland trip price includes:


Hotel/B&B x 8


Breakfast x 8
Dinner x 4


Hybrid bike x 7 days 

Bike equipment

Spare tube, panniers D-lock, toolkit, puncture repair kit, first aid kit & bike levels
(helmets available on request)


Stockholm accomm/train station (Day 2)

Stockholm harbour/accomm (Day 8) 

Luggages transfers

Gnesta/Trosa (Day 2)
Trosa/Nyköping (Day 3)
Nyköping/Vadsbro (Day 5)
Vadsbro/Skottvångs (Day 6)
Skottvångs/Mariefred (Day 7)


Train from Stockholm to Gnesta (Day 2)

Steamboat from Mariefred to Stockholm (Day 8)

Information pack

Including detailed trail routes in English, maps, contact numbers Nordic Trails representative
Full trip briefing
24 hr emergency service