Brief itinerary

Day 1: Arrive Stockholm

Arrive Stockholm
Visit sights including Vasa Museum, Skansen open-air museum and Ecopark
Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: None

Day 2: Stockholm  Gnesta  Trosa

Train transfer from Stockholm to Gnesta (ca. 1 hr) 
Cycle from Gnesta to Trosa via Lake Sillen, Torsåker Church & Tullgarn Palace
Accommodation: Trosa
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: 35-46 km

Day 3: Trosa  Nyköping

Visit Trosa village
Cycle Trosa to Nyköping via Nynäs Manor, Sandvik beach and Stendörren nature reserve
Accommodation: Nyköping
Meals: Breakfast & dinner
Cycling Distance: 73 km

Day 4: In Nyköping

Free day in Nyköping
Visit Nyköping town and harbour, and Nyköpingshus
Optional cycle to Oxelösund to visit Femöre Fortress, military battery from the Cold War. Optional boat tour.
Optional cycle to Koppartorp historic mining museum & Simonsberget viewpoint

Accommodation: Nyköping
Meals: Breakfast 
Cycling Distance: 36-43 km 

Day 5: Nyköping  Vadsbro

Cycle from Nyköping to Vadsbro via sandy beaches, Blacksta Vineyard and Ekenäs café
Accommodation: Svenhem Gård
Meals: Breakfast 
Cycling Distance: 55 km 

Day 6: Vadsbro  Skottvångs Gruva/Mine

Cycle from Vadsbro to Skottvångs Mine & Museum via Flen, Malmköping & Lake Dunker
Accommodation: Lilla Vasskärr
Meals: Breakfast & dinner
Cycling Distance: 67 km

Day 7: Skottvångs Gruva  Lake Klämmingen → Mariefred

Cycle from Skottvångs Gruva to Mariefred via Laxne, Lake Klämmingen and Södertuna Manor
Accommodation: Mariefred
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: 18-55 km

Day 8: Mariefred  Stockholm

Free day in Mariefred to visit Gripsholm Castle, church, self-guided walking tour of village 
Opt: steam train to Taxinge manor
Opt: cycle from Mariefred to Taxinge manor house and return
Steamboat from Mariefred to Stockholm (departs 16:30)
Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: Breakfast
Cycling Distance: 25 km (optional)
Steamboat trip: Mariefred  Stockholm 3½ hrs

Day 9: Depart Stockholm

Visit sights including Vasa Museum, Skansen open-air museum and Ecopark.
Depart Stockholm
Meals: Breakfast