Price includes


Hostel/Hotel x 5


Breakfast x 5
Lunch x 1


Cycle hire x 5 days

Private transfers:

Stockholm/Tyresö Palace (Day 2)
Stockholm harbour/accomm. (Day 5)

Luggage transfers*

Stockholm/Dalarö (Day 2)
Ornö harbour/storage/Ornö harbour (Day 3)
Utö harbour/accomm. (Day 3)
Utö accomm/harbour (Day 5)


Boat Dalarö/Ornö (Day 3)
Boat Ornö/Utö (Day 3)
Boat Utö/Fjärdlång (Day 5)
Boat Fjärdlång/Stockholm (Day 5)

Information pack

Including detailed trail routes in English, maps, contact numbers Nordic Trails representative
Full trip briefing
24hr emergency service

* Please note that your bags are transferred from hotel to boat and boat to
hotel. The bags do travel with you on the boats and you are expected to take
your bags on and off the boats.