Full itinerary

Day 1: In Stockholm

Today you can choose to enjoy the city from the water buy either renting kayaks and making your own way through the channels and inlets around Stockholm city. Alternatively you can join a guided day trip if you want to explore the area to the full.
Another option is to take a self-guided bicycle tour through Stockholm’s unique Ecopark  - the world’s first National Park to be located within a bustling city. The Ekopark is 27 km2 and is a green oasis combining cultural heritage and natural features. Here you can cycle through ancient forests, visit palaces and bathe from waterside rocks. Animals such as foxes, badgers, marten, mink and deer roam freely and the greatest number of large oak trees in northern Europe are located right here, in the city centre!
Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: None
Optional activities: Kayaking, cycling

Day 2: Stockholm  Dalarö

THE SPARKLING LAKES OF SÖRMLAND begins with a delightful journey by steamboat across the mighty Lake Mälaren as you make your way to the charming village of Mariefred.
This afternoon you have some free time to enjoy Mariefred, founded in 1605 and famed for its narrow, winding streets and colourful, wooden houses as well as being home to one of the most important and magnificent castles in the region, Gripsholm Castle. Time permitting, you could rent bikes or take the steam train to Taxinge Manor House where they are famed for their remarkable display of cakes. Cycle or catch the steam train back to Mariefred.
Accommodation: Mariefred
Meals: Breakfast
Opt: Cycling distance; 2½ hrs/26 kms (roundtrip Mariefred/Taxinge)

Day 3: Mariefred  Åkers Styckebruk  Lake Klämmingen

This morning you are transferred to the start of your canoeing trip at Åkers Styckebruk where you are met and provided with your canoes. After your canoe introduction, the route takes you through remarkable scenery as you paddle gently down Lake Marviken to Laxne. The area has its own unique character because of its geological history - the mountain split in two and as a result Lake Marviken is today bordered by 50 metre high cliffs. Here you will have time to enjoy your picnic lunch looking out over the beautiful lake views. After lunch, you get back into your canoes and continue paddling as the lake widens into the beautiful Lake Klämmingen. Take advantage of the clean, fresh water as you stop at one of the many small beaches lining the lakeshore. And enjoy the quiet and calm as you gently paddle down the middle of the lake, listening only to the birds and softly lapping waves as you discover your accommodation for the night.
Accommodation: Lake Klämmingen
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Paddling distance: 13km
Lifts: 4 (40m, 50m, 20m & 300m)

Day 4: Lake Klämmingen  Gnesta

This morning, you continue your journey by canoe down Lake Klämmingen, again stopping at beaches to swim or soak up the summer sun. Pass by the impressive Södertuna Manor House and take in the stunning views across Lake Frösjön. After a morning of canoeing in the fresh air, you will look forward to stopping at Gnesta for a rest and a well deserved lunch. After lunch, your voyage continues down the narrow Sigtuna canal that opens out in your final lake - Lake Sillen. Another beautiful lake, you can appreciate its solitude and scenery as you paddle to your accommodation for the night, an impressive manor house located on its shore at Mälby on the outskirts of Gnesta.
Accommodation: Gnesta
Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner
Paddling distance: 17km
Lifts: 1 (900m)

Day 5: Gnesta  Trosa

This morning you complete the journey down some of Sweden's most scenic lakes. From Mälby, you take your canoes for the last time and paddle down Lake Sillen to the small and secluded beach at Sille. You then experience a change of scenery as you leave behind lake Sille and continue your journey along the Trosaån river all the way to Trosa.  Trosa is visited by many Stockholmers in the summer months because of its unique location surrounded by both open landscape and a marvellous archipelago. Here you will arrive in the afternoon so that you have time to wander around this charming little town, enjoying its many restaurants and shops.
Accommodation: Trosa
Meals: Breakfast & lunch
Paddling distance: 16km
Lifts: None

Day 6: Trosa  Stockholm

Today you are free to either wander the streets of Trosa and enjoy the many shops, cafes and restaurants, or why not complement your paddling holiday and rent a sea kayak and explore the waters of Trosa’s beautiful archipelago. You are provided with your tickets for you bus journey back to Stockholm so you are free to make your way back at a time that suits you.

Accommodation: Stockholm
Meals: Breakfast
Optional activities: kayaking, cycling

Day 7: In Stockholm

See day one for details of the kayak and cycle tour options
Meals: Breakfast
Optional activities: kayaking, cycling