Mountain biking

The terrain surrounding Stockholm could not be more suited to mountain biking; boulders, roots, mud and marsh are all that are needed to test your skills and your mountain bike’s strength.

Not only are the conditions ideal for mountain biking, but the scenery is also not to be ignored. Small paths winding through dense forests, hidden lakes glittering in the sunshine, green fields and mile wide views stretching across the open landscape are all to be enjoyed whilst tackling the next challenging track.

Mountain biking allows you to go off the beaten track thereby increasing your chances of experiencing the Swedish wildlife. Deer roam freely and birds of prey fly overhead. You may even be one of the lucky few to spot a moose hiding in the bushes!

The trails take place just to the south of Stockholm in an area neighbouring the very beautiful Tyresta National Park.

We also offer a very exciting option where you can take part in the annual Lida Loop mountain biking race. This race is an event in the Swedish Långloppscupen – mountain bike marathon cup and is a 65 km MTB-Marathon. Note though it can be divided up into shorter sections depending on your abilities. For more details on the race, refer to the trip dossier.