The Nordic Trails environmental policy is based on the understanding that the world's resources are limited and that nature's ability to handle the pressures exerted by human activity is also limited. Our natural environment requires our participation and actions in order to restore a long-term sustainable balance. At Nordic Trails, we endeavour to create an awareness of environmental issues and provide concrete guidance in their regard.

Purchases: When purchasing goods and services, their environmental aspects shall always be taken into account. If choosing the most environmental alternative does not represent an unreasonable inconvenience or cost, then this alternative shall be chosen. The environmental efforts of any supplier shall be taken into account when deciding.

Administration: Equipment shall be well maintained and the possibility to repair or improve current equipment instead of buying new shall be taken into account for each individual case.

Scrapping: When scrapping equipment, it shall be sorted in accordance with Swedish environmental standards.

Consumables and packaging: These shall be sorted after use.

Single-use plastics: these products shall be used to an absolute minimum. Environmentally friendly options are purchased as alternatives e.g. food bags and rubbish bags used when camping.

Energy: When purchasing, for example, computer equipment, a low energy option shall be chosen, for example, automatic transfer to standby. Low energy lighting is used.

Nordic Trails offices uses the environmentally ground source heat pump system to heat the premises.

Transport: Use of private transport represents an environmental pressure due to the logistical make up of the trips where luggage transport represents a key service. This is an area Nordic Trails is focusing on for future improvements. In previous years, transport of those taking part in the trips and transfer of luggage has taken place guest by guest with the use of private transport. However, in recent years, developments have been made in the form of:

1) A more efficient transfer service; Journeys are combined so that one journey represents a luggage transfer for, for example, two or three groups.

2) Involvement of local services i.e. personnel at accommodation transfer luggage or guests to avoid Nordic Trails journey time to the accommodation to collect guests/luggage.

The ultimate aim of Nordic Trails is to invest in an environmentally friendly car, for example, an electric car for the purpose of transports and transfers

Hygiene products: Unperfumed cleaning liquids and soaps shall be used. The production of perfume chemicals constitutes an environmental pressure and can create or develop allergic reactions.

Paper: Before printing, we shall consider whether it is really necessary to have the material on paper and if so, how many printed copies. Both sides of the paper are to be used where possible.